Every year, Clean Cargo carriers report on vessel-specific environmental performance data to BSR (the Secretariat of Clean Cargo), using a standard reporting template and guidance methodologies. BSR provides the aggregated data to shipping customers that are members of Clean Cargo via individualized carrier scorecards. 

A Global Standard

The Clean Cargo Methodology for CO2 emissions calculations and benchmarking has become the global standard in the ocean container shipping sector. As pressure on shippers, logistics providers, and container carriers to monitor, report, and reduce CO2 emissions continues to increase, all companies wish to show customers, investors, and other stakeholders their commitment to responsible operations and to reducing their environmental impacts.

Clean Cargo provides the most comprehensive and robust verified data set for customers in the world and addresses the need for a common CO2 emissions calculation methodology fit for business customers.

how members benefit from Our data

  • Ocean freight carriers track and benchmark their performance and easily report to customers in a standard format

  • Shipping customers review and compare carriers’ environmental performance when reporting and make informed buying decisions