Clean Cargo and APL Host Fall Member Meeting

Clean Cargo was delighted to host its Fall 2018 Members Meeting at the APL Singapore office from 13 to 15 November 2018.

Gathering like-minded shippers, carriers, and freight forwarders working for clean oceans and global climate goals, the event saw stakeholders deep-diving into methodologies to:

  • influence carbon emission reduction;

  • support improvement in Environmental, Social and Governance of the industry; and

  • advance the scale of the Clean Cargo to have more stakeholders aboard.

At the meeting, APL was elected to serve on the Clean Cargo Steering Committee from 2019.


Closing the meeting, Nicolas Sartini, APL CEO, said:

“The shipping industry has advanced well with strategies to meet the Global Sulphur Cap 2020. Stakeholder collaboration and the search for solutions remain crucial in reducing carbon emissions by at least half by 2050. Committed to responsible and sustainable cargo transportation, our group will continue to address carbon emissions as a priority.”

Frank Clary, CSR Director of Agility and Clean Cargo Steering Committee Member, said:


“It has been good progress. We have a new strategy and we are engaging a lot of people in the growing community. We adopted a three-year work plan during this meeting with two different groups of members working on these issues. We have some defined outcomes and a timeline we want to achieve, and we have allocated people who have volunteered to do the actual work. So we are expecting good progress in terms of measuring, reporting, and managing sustainability in the supply chain and procurement. And underneath all, the ambition of the group aligns with the global ambition of keeping temperature increases below two degrees. The work we are doing supports IMO requirements, objectives, and aspirations, and it will improve how the carriers are going to operate. It is going to be an expansion and improvement and in my opinion.”

Tomas Dahlman, Director Energy of Electrolux, Clean Cargo Steering Committee Member, commented:


“The most important thing is the three-year workplan, with a focus on innovation, procurement methodology, and revising and updating the carrier ratings by expanding the scope to include forwarders. We have made good progress, starting on the innovation workstream. We have focused on decarbonisation and have included a new segment - Roll on, Roll off (RoRo) - in the group. The decision to move forward with the supplier sustainability index for the carriers and forwarders was also important. Shippers will have a revised assessment tool to rate carriers based on both qualitative and quantitative information. It will rate the suppliers based not only on their CO2 performance but also on their strategy, innovation, and goals.”

Nate Springer, Acting Director of Clean Cargo, concluded:


“This meeting has been all about people getting things done and members have rolled up their sleeves to work towards that. Shippers are very excited to drive forward their work with the Forwarders and Carriers, and this is what is needed to execute on what has become a much more ambitious workplan and strategy than what we adopted at the last June meeting. I am incredibly happy that we might just make progress on all these fronts. We are in a good position to continue driving forward and making progress on emissions reductions, improvement on ethics and governance issues, and playing an important and critical role in coordinating and bringing together different stakeholders that are essential to making that progress.”

(All photos courtesy of APL.)