Webinar: Navigating to Smart and Sustainable Logistics Procurement

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Are you a logistics professional looking for guidance on how organizations, big or small, can leverage their freight transport and logistics procurement demands to make a positive impact on the reduction of GHG emissions and air pollutants across the supply chain?

If so - this is the webinar for you!

Join BSR, the Smart Freight Centre, and WBCSD as they share action-driven approaches to delivering on sustainable procurement and providing organizations with a pathway towards a brighter, cleaner, and better way of doing business together.

The webinar will cover:

  • Freight and logistics emissions: how multinationals hold the key to change

  • How companies can report, reduce and collaborate, becoming more efficient, saving costs and minimizing emissions

  • Expert insights and an introduction to a practical toolbox of actions: implementing the Smart Freight Procurement guidelines and the GLEC Framework

  • Collaborative next steps - and more!