"Partnerships along the value chain are key to truly conducting business sustainably. Clean Cargo is a group of peers dedicated to accelerating sustainability in the container shipping industry. Furthermore, we gain access to reliable and accurate data on individual carrier performance, enabling us to make better informed procurement decisions and drive down carbon emissions of our logistics."

Nicola Kimm - Head of Sustainability, Environment, Health & Safety at Signify


“Electrolux…found that emissions [from transport] are at least as high as energy use from operations. This reinforced the importance of working to reduce the company’s transportation footprint through initiatives like Clean Cargo.” 

Gorm Kjærbøll - Ocean Operations Managerat Electrolux

“Clean Cargo is the key sustainability leadership initiative in shipping for Maersk. It provides a unique platform for direct dialogue and collaboration with our customers, which enables us to understand and align with our customers’ needs and ambitions.”

Mads Stensen - Senior Sustainability Advisor at Maersk - Clean Cargo Steering Committee Member


“Clean Cargo membership is a key part of Crowley’s strategy to align our measurement and management of environmental performance with industry best practice and to better serve our customers in achieving their sustainability goals.”

Dan Smith - Director of Sustainability at Crowley - Clean Cargo Steering Committee Member


“Clean Cargo enables us to learn about issues which concern our customers and our carriers.  It enables us to have a good understanding of risks and opportunities, and to help us prepare for a very dynamic operating paradigm in a time of market dynamism and regulatory change. Clean Cargo membership is a crucial part of our environmental strategy.”

Frank Clary - Director of CSR at Agility - Clean Cargo Steering Committee Member